Selway-Fisher were commissioned to design this canoe, inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras, to be powered by a Gebofa electric 1.6 hp sail-drive unit. She is constructed using modern clinker-ply methods. The plans show computer-faired mould shapes which are then erected onto a strong-back. Stringers are let into the moulds and the plank shapes taken directly from the building jig using the stringers as a guide. The hull could also be strip planked. Again, this design would require more expertise and effort than conventional plywood sheet designs.

LOA:23'6"(7.16m). Beam:4'10"(1.47m). Draft:1'7"(0.47m). Weight approx. 975 lbs (442 kg) with batteries. Speed approx. 5.5 knots. Capacity for up to 6 people.

Brambling 23' 6'' electric sail-drive canoe.

Created: May 2001.