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What is the most practical way to categorise electric boat designs that can be amateur-built?

These craft fall naturally into 3 groups, which in turn makes it easier to sort out just which motors, battery voltages and controllers are suitable for each group

Small & Car-toppable

Boat dimensions 12 - 16 feet
Unladen weight 60 - 130 lbs
Load 250 - 600 lbs
Battery weight 60 - 120 lbs
Motor type: Trolling motor - outboard/submersible
Motor horsepower 1/2 - 1 hp
Speed 1 - 3 mph
Range 3 - 4 hours, depending on speed and current/wind

Essentially this type of craft is the one- and two-man powered canoe. Small enough to be carried to the water's edge, but large and strong enough to support a trolling motor, one 12 volt battery and the picnic hamper.

Type S - Kayak Type S - Open Kayak

Medium & Trailerable
Boat dimensions16 - 25 feet
Unladen weight400 - 1000 lbs
Load700 - 1500 lbs
Battery weight120 - 240 lbs
Motor type:Permanent magnet - inboard
Motor horsepower1 - 3 hp
Speedup to 6 mph
Range6 - 8 hours, depending on speed and current/wind

This is the two- to four-person launch. Heavy enough to need its own trailer (and a suitable launching site), but something in which you could comfortably take your family, or some friends, for a day's excursion.

Type M - Open launch Type M - Open launch

Large & Moored
Boat dimensions25 - 35 feet
Unladen weight2000 - 3000 lbs
Load1400 - 2400 lbs
Battery weight240 - 480 lbs
Motor type:Series wound - inboard
Motor horsepower5 - 10 hp
Speedup to 7 mph
Range50 - 100 miles, depending on speed and current/wind

This size of boat is going to carry 6 to 12 passengers in some comfort. More importantly, the batteries can be used as the boat's ballast and there is less penalty in having a 48 volt motor and sufficient energy reserve to travel a good distance.

Type L - Covered launch Type L - Open launch

All these manufacturers have web sites where you can further investigate the design types:
Black River Boats
Glen-L Marine
Cobalt Marine
Duffy Electric Boat Co.
Beckmann Boatshop Ltd


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