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These six designs are from Selway Fisher, a private U.K. company with a wide range of boat designs that have been built by both professionals and amateurs. These designs should all be capable of using electric power, but before ordering plans do check with Paul Fisher:
Silent Explorer, 18' 6'' electric canoe
Silent Explorer 18' 6'' electric outboard canoe.
Brambling 23' 6'' electric sail-drive canoe
Brambling 23' 6'' electric sail drive canoe.
  Pup, 20' 0'' electric launch
Pup, 20 foot electric launch
  Henley 16 foot Slipper launch
Henley 16 foot slipper launch.
  Kennett 20 foot Slipper launch
Kennett 20/22 foot slipper launch.
  Red Shrike 18 foot traditional run-about
Red Shrike 18 foot traditional run-about.
  It should be pointed out that this last one is probably not an efficient design.... if nostalgia gets the better of you, you should talk to Paul Fisher about any modifications he could make to improve its efficiency

STOP PRESS! - in design:
TARANTO - 21' x 6'7" (6.5 x 2m) RUNABOUT using mahogany veneers over a modern ply skin and framework - a more modern construction than the Redshrike design.


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