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Contacts for the building of Terrapin are:
David Williams, the designer and builder of the hull.
Colin Buttifant, boat builder and restorer, who was responsible for fitting the motor, propshaft and rudder assembly. He also sub-contracted the installation of the electrics and motor control systems to another Norfolk company, Brimbelow Engineering, whose expertise Colin uses for his own projects.
The motor was sourced from LEMCO Ltd, and is the LEM200 developed by Cedric Lynch.
The installation of the solar panels was done by Solar Energy Alliance of Lowestoft, Suffolk.
  It must be said that most of these contact points are private companies located around the Norfolk Broads in the United Kingdom, and so they will mainly be of direct use to someone living in the area (although Colin has said that a 15 to 25 foot launch is fairly easy to deliver to most places in the U.K!). However, for anyone setting out for the first time on a project of this type, these contacts, plus those listed on the Links page should be valuable in helping them to get started and in building confidence about a proven (or at least a non-pioneering) path to take.
  Conversion grants available in East Anglia
  There is currently a scheme operating in the Norfolk Broads area whereby anyone who is converting an IC powered boat to electric propulsion could be eligible for a grant of between £2,000 and £5,000. The scheme will run until the end of March 2006 and up to eigtheen grants are available. For more details see
Rear Seats


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