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Terrapin has been fitted with a keel (5 feet x 1.5 feet deep) located forward of the propellor. This helps in keeping to a straight course and is invaluable in allowing the launch to turn in its own length and also acts to protect the propellor.
David has fitted two covered inspection wells; one above the propellor and the other above the rudder. These are useful for clearing weed or other obstructions from the two most vunerable parts of the craft, which might otherwise spoil an outing.
The photocells are completely optional. Whilst they do give a degree of independence from charging facilities, many owners of this type of electric launch would not find them an essential ingredient in its successful use.
  Terrapin is strictly-speaking a multi-chine design, since she does have a 4-5 inch bevel where the sides meet the base. However David Williams believes the benefit of this is largely aesthetic.
  She is built of 1/2 inch marine ply. The area supporting the batteries and passengers is reinforced with a second thickness of 1/2 inch ply.


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